How to list references on resume

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Anyone who is looking for work through recruitment agencies or advertisements must be able to create a competent resume in order to show the goods as a person, that is, to make a favorable impression on employers with their skills and qualifications. In principle, a resume will not hurt those who are looking for work through acquaintances, since this will reduce the number of questions for the candidate. Unfortunately, and perhaps, fortunately, in our country there are no strict rules for drafting a resume.

In the West, everything is different, there are certain requirements for the form and content of CV (Curriculum Vitae). Translated from Latin, Curriculum Vitae means “biography”, which in the first approximation corresponds to our term “summary”. In developed countries, particularly in the United States, there are even special agencies whose only activity is to help job seekers with CVs. On the one hand, the absence of strict requirements for the compilation of resumes is the plus that the applicant has the freedom of maneuver and can focus on what he considers important for himself or the employer. On the other hand, freedom sometimes leads to the fact that many resumes cannot be read without a smile, since they represent a real vinaigrette. For example, some resumes are more like novels or fictional autobiographies.

Meanwhile, a resume is not an autobiography, neither in form nor in content. The specialist should reflect in the resume, moreover, in a brief form, only what the employer can really be interested in. Therefore, although there are no strict requirements for a resume, it’s worth adhering to a certain order. First of all, a resume should fit on one page (on one side of a single sheet of paper). Even if the specialist has extensive experience or a long track record, it is nevertheless highly desirable to fit all the information on one page, at least by reducing the font size. True, it has its own subtlety: if the resume is sent by fax (which is a widespread practice), then the font size should not be made too small, otherwise the text will be difficult to read.

As experience shows, with a large number of applicants, the employer will simply not get acquainted with the second or third page of the resume. The second important requirement: try to avoid syntax and spelling errors. It may seem to some that this reminder is unnecessary, but I had to meet quite a few resumes with gross errors. Accordingly, they made a very unfavorable impression and unflatteringly characterized the compiler. Understand that the resume is your face, it is finally a certificate for the product, which you yourself are. If you have problems with the Russian language, then before sending it, show the summary to your friends or friends for verification.