How to write a resume summary

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Of course, every rule has exceptions: if you are going to look for a place through recruitment agencies and do not know in advance what you can offer, you can specify several types of work. If you are going to send a resume in response to an ad in the press or on the Internet, it is recommended to name one specific type of activity (the one specified in the ad). Then the employer is more likely to get the opinion that the specialist he needs is you. As for the content side, the composition of the resume can be divided into three parts: track record, education and additional information.

The first two parts can be placed in any order, but additional information should be placed at the end of the document. In this regard, you can only make a recommendation: if you have a little work experience (or rather, not a particularly remarkable track record), then it is better to start with education. This is especially recommended for yesterday students. The most important principle in drafting a resume: do not engage in literary creativity, that is, do not compose. It’s better not to talk about something than to say too much. Never write that you are an expert in such and such a subject, if you know about this subject only by hearsay.

Not only will they catch you by the hand, you can ruin your career even by switching to another company, since bad news spreads quickly. Of course, nothing prevents a few embellish their achievements. But just to embellish, and not to lie. Unfortunately, there is still a blatant lie in the summary. Yesterday’s students are particularly affected. But it is said, “Take care of the honor from your youth.” Often, deception can be detected without even meeting with the candidate directly from the resume itself. How can you seriously treat a young man of 23 years old when he reports about himself that he almost perfectly knows Oracle, Informix and Microsoft SQL Server DBMS at the same time, as well as UNIX, NetWare, Windows NT and, moreover, CAD AutoCAD and Lotus Domino? It has not yet come to him that there can be no such geniuses in principle, especially at 23 years old.