What skills to put on a resume

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If you decide to attach your photo, select a picture that will meet the requirements. The photo should be clearly visible to your face. In addition, the snapshot should not be a group. What should not be in the summary? If you ascribe to yourself non-existent knowledge and experience, you are unlikely to succeed in holding a good position. At the interview, HR managers ask a lot of additional questions, so your fraud can be revealed at any time. Some applicants use a bright color or unusual font to create a resume without work experience that will attract the attention of employers.

Unfortunately, this approach is not always justified.

Find on the Internet a sample of how to write a resume and strictly adhere to all its points. When writing a text, it is desirable to use a business style, but do not forget to insert live phrases and expressions. White spots It is important to remember that a resume is your “guide” to a good high-paying job, so it should not contain any ambiguous phrases or incomplete statements. They give employers doubts and additional questions. Try to clarify all the important points, not allowing the appearance of “white spots”. For example, if you were engaged in freelancing for some time and therefore did not have a permanent job, you should not lose sight of this period. Be sure to specify exactly what you were doing.

By compiling a resume without work experience, it is better to attract specialists in personnel who will help you to understand this difficult matter. By the way, if you learn how to write a resume correctly, you can offer your help to other people who are looking for a job for a fee. This is a good option for making money from scratch in a small town. Some employers are wary of candidates who have worked too little in one place. They want to be sure that a person was fired from his job for reasons beyond his working qualities. Therefore, if you have reduced or fired by agreement of the parties, be sure to note this important point. Recommendations from the last place of work One more important point should be included in the plan for preparing a resume recommendations from previous employers. Indicate their phone numbers so that the new manager can get feedback from them about your professionalism. Before you apply for a job, contact your former employer and ask them to describe your good qualities for a resume. The presence of recommendations will allow you to stand out against the background of other applicants.

This is especially true for women who are looking for how to make money at home on maternity leave. Recommendations from the former place of work will help them quickly find a good high-paying part-time job. This may be consulting services, accounting or any other ideas for additional earnings in the evening. Foreign companies If you want to take a position in a foreign company, it is advisable to make a resume in two languages ​​at once and to perform its high-quality translation. In any case, your candidacy should be coordinated with the head office. If your resume is written in a foreign language, the personnel department will not have to translate it, so they can make a decision much faster.