What skills to put on resume

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You have already sent dozens of resumes for various vacancies, but there are still no invitations for interviews? Do you have suitable work experience and qualifications, and time passes and nothing happens? You have invested so much time and effort to fill in resume forms on employment sites, and as a result, your phone is still silent All applicants at the very beginning of the job search face a problem how to get an invitation for an interview. After a prolonged waiting for a phone call from an HR manager, many people are starting to lose their nerves, and even a little bit of depression cannot be avoided.

A resume is your advertisement, and as an advertisement for any product, it should work for you and for you 24 hours a day, selling well. It is necessary to create a selling resume, which not only attracts attention, wakes up the desire and arouses the interest of the selection manager, but also prompts him to pick up the phone and call you to invite for an interview. The main resume is secondary. Do not rush to respond to the vacancy current resume. The employer has basic needs for his current job, which he wants to see in his future employee. Study in detail the job description, identify the basic needs of the employer and try to satisfy them 100% in your resume. The job description includes: job title, mandatory requirements, job responsibilities, skills, knowledge, skills. Recruiters select only those CVs of candidates that most closely match the job description.

Reframing resume. Your main task is to change the resume to the description of the vacancy to which you want to respond. Let’s understand the concept of reframing. Reframing is rethinking, revising the current situation from a new angle, placing it in a new frame, looking through a new prism. And sometimes a new angle of view radically changes the whole picture of the summary. First of all, you should look at your resume through the eyes of a recruiter who will look for specific requirements in the resume. Try to create a clear and clear professional image in your resume, which will be 100% consistent with the vacancy you are responding to. If you want to receive an invitation for an interview for each of your responses, then you should have the same number of resumes in your arsenal.